What is an Architect?

A Chartered Architect must be a member of a professional body such as the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland (RIAS) or Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). As a member, he or she will uphold their ethics and standards of conduct and will have trained for a minimum of seven years. Only a qualified person who has undertaken approved courses and has passed the necessary examinations may call him or herself an Architect. The title ARCHITECT is protected in law.

It is unlikely that an unqualified person will hold insurances which cover their services, should the unthinkable happen and a problem occur with the project. A Chartered Architect must hold Professional Indemnity Insurance to cover such eventualities, and many may never have claimed on their policies after years of practice. Furthermore, the booklet ‘Architect’s Appointment’ provides the safeguard of ultimate reference to these professional bodies for help and advice.

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