Supporting Year-Out Students

The Scott Sutherland School, as part of the Robert Gordon University, has an exemplary graduate employment record, and that extends to the percentage of Architecture ‘Year Out’ students obtaining valid post-Part 1employment.

However, with the economic uncertainty brought about by the pandemic, Session 2020-21 has exceptionally seen a very significant and unprecedented decline in employment opportunities, this being similarly reported by other courses / Schools across the country. 

In recognition of this, and in order to support the academic and professional progression and morale of our students, the School are planning an online support programme that will launch in March and will run until late June.

Alongside the instigation of a design competitions unit, the School hope to include a series of weekly 1 hour practitioner inputs that cover a range of practice issues through illustrations of projects, presentations on project development, explanations of construction processes, and so on.

The School have already been generously offered support from a number of practitioners who are involved in the (currently suspended) first year mentor programme, but the School have extended the invitation to the wider ASA membership.

If you would be interested in getting involved please get in touch with David McClean via Helen Agisild [email protected]

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