RIAS Presidential Elections

Find out more about the election and the RIAS President role on the RIAS website. https://www.rias.org.uk/

The RIAS has announced details of the candidates for the 2020 Presidential campaign and we’re delighted to introduce the following inspiring members (in alphabetical order):

Christina Gaiger RIAS

Read statement  Watch video

Karen Pickering FRIAS RIBA

Read statement  Watch video

Gordon G Smith FRIAS RIBA

Read statement  Watch video

Voting will open on the 1st June. Chartered Members will receive an email/ letter via our digital partner (Mi-Voice) with the voting details and arrangements. The successful candidate will be elected by RIAS Council and installed as President of the RIAS at the AGM on 30th June 2020.

More details of the election process, the candidates and the role of president can be found on the RIAS website.

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