RIAS Position on Climate Emergency

“The RIAS environmental mission statement “Maximum Architectural Value. Minimum Environmental Harm“- already exists and can no longer be ignored. The Incorporation acknowledges that there is a climate emergency, that construction in Scotland is responsible for producing a significant and unacceptable amount of pollution and CO2 and affirm that its members will actively work to reduce this.

We will do this by:

  • Publicly raising the issue, advising politicians regarding construction legislation that affects the climate, while educating others and proposing solutions.
  • Raising the issue with colleagues, clients and contractors, considering the polluting output of strategic design options in all projects, and working to limit this.
  • Committing the Incorporation to reduce the organisation’s CO2 profile, and by every member having a policy for reducing their own individual CO2 impact.
  • We will work to establish benchmarks to help practices, while zero carbon is clearly the end goal”

Posted on September 9, 2019 in Uncategorized

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