Lockdown Festival of Architecture


“The Lockdown Festival of Architecture is a spontaneous response to the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in. From the 4th of May until the lockdown ends, we’ll be providing a series of positive, productive and provocative activities to debate the future after coronavirus. Serious topics, but no stuffy conversations.

While this is a Festival of Architecture, it’s not just for Architects. Anyone can get involved, regardless of their education or profession.

We’re exploring the areas where Architecture and activism overlap, be that in response to the climate crisis, coronavirus or another symptom of the system we live in.

We’re not the London Festival of Architecture, but we’re running alongside them, providing a space for discussion between activists, Architects, people who do both and the wider public. During Lockdown, we want to encourage collaboration between activist groups, Architectural or otherwise.

We will be setting homework, but like the fun tasks from when you were little. No pressure and no grades.”

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