Expert Witness Certificate

The University of Aberdeen Bond Solon (UABS) Expert Witness Certificate has recently been launched.

Please see link to a brochure giving further information on the UABS Certificate along with a public course booking form.


“Bond Solon’s courses are designed to help those who act as expert witnesses adhere to best practice standards and gain the skills and knowledge required to fulfil their duties as an expert. The training also assists experts in complying with the law and procedure affecting their work.

Bond Solon is the UK’s leading Expert Witness Training Company and since 1992 have trained tens of thousands of expert witnesses. We have trained a large number of architects. The feedback from these experts who have attended the courses has been excellent.

For the past 18 years Bond Solon has been offering a similar certificate for experts who practice in English & Welsh jurisdiction. The Cardiff University Bond Solon (CUBS) Expert Witness Certificate is very much regarded by instructing parties as the gold standard in expert witness certification in England and Wales, and we are confident the UABS Certificate will be viewed in very much the same vein.

The UABS Certificate requires experts to complete 4 days of training and successfully complete 3 assessments. See below the benefits of acquiring the UABS Certificate:

• Demonstrates to the courts and instructing parties that you have been appropriately trained, assessed and deemed competent to fulfil the role of an expert witness in Scotland

• Ensures you possess the skills and knowledge required to work effectively and compliantly as an expert witness in Scotland

• Highly-regarded certificate logo which can be used for marketing your expert witness services and evidencing your completion of UABS to instructing parties

• Will differentiate you from other experts in the same field

• Makes you eligible to join the National Register of University Certificated Expert Witnesses for free

• You are eligible for discounted expert witness professional indemnity insurance with Ntegrity Insurance

Public or In House Courses – individuals can attend our public courses, which during Covid are being delivered virtually. Alternatively we can deliver the training bespoke and in-house (face-to-face or virtual) for your organisation if you have a group of 4 or more colleagues interested in the training.”

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