Sustainable Construction CPD – 17th April 2019

Sandy Halliday and Chris Stewart provided a presentation which, as well as being motivational and inspiring, was informative without being overwhelming, insightful without being patronising. There was some enthusiastic discussion on the role individuals can play and the role the RIAS can plan in ‘saving our planet’ as it were.

Sandy thought we were “A great group and it was fantastic to see such enthusiasm.”

We hope to build on that with the provision of a ASA Council sub-committee looking specifically at sustainability. The group will work with the 5 other RIAS Chapters across Scotland, and would potentially affect policy in the RIAS, which in turn can help shape the future of our built environment.

Sandy also provided a link to purchase her latest book, which looks in depth at Sustainable Construction through case studies and real life solutions and examples. She also kindly provided a discount code to get an additional 20% off. FLR40

A 3minute tour of the book is here.

Sandy is also hosting a conference on the future of Housing in Scotland. Scotland’s Housing – More than Just Numbers   Wednesday 22nd May 2019

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