RIAS CPD – Insurance Risk Management Workshop

Insurance Risk Management Workshop
Wednesday 7th February 2018, 1.45pm – 4.00pm
RIAS, 15 Rutland Square, Edinburgh EH1 2BE

The aim of this workshop is to outline how Professional Indemnity Insurance policy operates in the event of a circumstance/claim and how the insurer, broker and insured work together to either manage the issue or, when needed, to settle. It is intended as a round table discussion and not a lecture. Thereafter, some real examples of common causes of circumstances/claims and how the cover operates in the case of a complaint to the ARB against the Insured will be reviewed. There are no definitive check lists in risk management and so the purpose of this event is to help you develop thinking tools to protect yourself.

If you’d like to attend or would like some more informaiton please get in touch with Hayley Kyle at RIAS on [email protected]

Booking forms can be downloaded here…. https://goo.gl/oGMqie

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