RIAS Committee Reports – 4th December 2019

Convenor: Jocelyn Cunliffe FRIAS Last: 31st October 2019 Next: 30th January 2020
• Monitoring Conservation Accreditation
• Reviewing, via a working group, support available to practitioners interested in accreditation.
RIAS mentoring scheme for those seeking accreditation under review.
• Autumn Conservation Seminar took place on 29 October 2019 at the Engine Shed
• Trying to get HES to respond regarding Building Conservation Professionals Forum.
• HES continue CPD series for RIAS and RICS members at Engine Shed
• Participating in Built Heritage Investment Plan Working Group (BHIG)
• Participating in Cross-Party Working Group on Maintenance of Tenement Scheme Property (waiting for Scottish Government response).
• Participating in Tenement Action Group
• Supported Veronica Low (RIAS) in a Doors Open Day initiative to highlight the importance of tenement maintenance
• Participating in Edinburgh Group
• Prepared RIAS Procurement contribution to the BHIG/OPIT Policy Audit Draft.
• Provided RIAS Statement on Principles for Prioritisation of the Historic Environment following BEFS workshop
• Responded to Church of Scotland General Trustees Consultation

Convenor: Mike Towers Last: 5th November 2019 Next: 11th Feb 2020
• Reviewed and approved Practice Notes on Later identification of defects and clients’ relations
• Updating guidance on Termination of contractor under SBCC Minor Works 2016
• Approved Practice Note giving guidance on Brexit
• Drafting guidance work done on a daywork basis
• Reviewed wording of standard CML certificate proforma
• Approved guidance on appointments time bar and Collateral Warranties and reviewed the implications of recent caselaw
• Reviewed PII exclusions and contractual implications for specifying architects
• Reported on SBCC matters and drafting committee update
• Discussed the benefits of a time-limited trial access to Practice Services to encourage members’ take up

Convenor: Hugh Crawford Last: 12th November 2019 Next: 4th February 2020
• Represented RIAS at the recent conference The Future for Planning in Scotland
• Produced a summary report of proceedings and important points discussed at the conference
• Discussed offering design help to communities and the need for design education for Planners
• Noted the Present Voices – Future Lives exhibition and Scottish Government Housing to 2040 vision
• Presentation from Paul Cackette, Chief Reporter to the Committee who gave a brief overview of his role, the work of the Unit and the challenges and constraints of the Appeal system.
• Agreed to provide a speaker for the Reporters’ Unit Seminar
• Agreed to continue collaboration and assistance between RIAS and DPEA

Convenor: Peter Drummond Last: 14th November 2019 Next: 13th February 2020
• Representing RIAS at Futures Board is on 16th December 2019 and liaising with BSD on Enforcement and Compliance issues
• Consulted by RIBA and responded on current proposals / consultations by the CIC and Competency Steering Group on Building a safer future.
• Planning face to face meeting with RIBA, CIC reps and other key players south of the border to promote the RIAS proposal on compliance role and reshaped Warrant system
• Met with Representative from APS
• Attended HSE Presentation on Building Safety Programme
• Met with ARB representative and now representing RIAS on ARB’s Fire and Life Safety Design Working Group looking at looking at the issues of competency
• Liaising with Insurers on cladding exclusions, market conditions and levels of architects’ PII
• Reviewing guidance on CML certificates
• Reporting to RIAS Procurement Working group on unfair Framework agreements clauses
• Liaising with the FMB and strongly supporting proposed statutory Licencing of Builders, via the Construction Licencing Task Force
• Liaising with BSD on thermal sensors (Portascanner)
• Publishing a report on new clauses in Section 2 FIRE of the Technical Memoranda
• Investigating other Institutes CPD recording and seeking clarification from RIBA on compulsory online submissions.

Convenor: Vacant Chair Last: 7th June 2018 Next: TBC
There has been no meeting of this committee. PRIAS is progressing with discussions to
reconstitute the Education Committee and establish new terms of reference for approval by
Council in due course.

Working/Review Groups:

Procurement Working Group
Convenor: Willie Watt PPRIAS /
Andy Law FRIAS Last: 26th June 2019 Next: TBC
Since September Council, the Procurement Working Group has circulated its position papers to key individuals within the built environment industry, including Len Bunton and Ann Allen (A&DS).
Key comments were received, reviewed and discussed and Willie Watt, Andy Law and Karen Stevenson met with Scottish Futures Trust and the Scottish Government in October and the papers were presented and further discussed. A further meeting took place on 19th November, the outcome of which was to undertake a review of the existing position regarding some of the key changes the RIAS is seeking. While the dialogue to date has been very positive and there appear to be wide areas of agreement, it should be noted that concrete proposals have yet to be tabled, so the issues have not really been tested. A further meeting will take place in December at which proposals for an Agenda for Change should be discussed and an implementation programme agreed which will allow a new regime for the procurement of architectural services to be in place for the next wave of education spending which has just been announced. Reports to Council and the membership will be made in due course. These meetings with SFT have also included discussions regarding frameworks and the concerns raised by RIAS members over recent months. These matters will form part of the agenda in future meetings. There are some hopeful discussions coming from the SFT and the SG, but the working group wish to remain onstructive but sceptical until more concrete proposals are offered in response to the various RIAS papers.

RIAS Sustainability Working Group
Convenor: Chris Stewart RIAS Last: 22nd October 2019 Next: 14th January 2020
The inaugural RIAS Sustainability Working Group (SWG) meeting was held on the 22nd October 2019 at 15 Rutland Square. A number of key agenda items were discussed at the meeting and full minutes are available on request. Please note the following items discussed which we would highlight at this stage.

  1. Membership and Nature of the SWG: The SWG will consist of an inclusive and numerous representative group of RIAS members, students, academics and professionals from the construction sector. SWG meetings will be restricted to a core group made up of RIAS Chapter nominees, student representation and guests. It was agreed that the Chapters can rotate nominees to attend meetings.
  2. SWG Remit: Our remit is currently in development and we hope to submit this to the RIAS Council meeting on 5th February 2020.
  3. SWG Short Term Actions: A number of short-term actions were agreed which included the following:
    • Establish a core group to review and promote the RIAS Sustainability Accreditation.
    • Raise awareness with membership of the RIAS Sustainability Policy (Policy Statement and Implementation Strategy).
    • Develop a network of student representation in all the Schools of Architecture and Technical Colleges in Stirling / Inverness.
    • Develop contacts and consult with Local Authorities regarding their net zero carbon commitments.
  4. SWG Medium Term Goals: A set of medium-term goals are currently in development which includes the following:
    • Work with the RIBA to adapt and adopt their 2030 Climate Challenge and form our own version.
    • Set up knowledge base on RIAS website.
    • Contribute to the RIAS toolkit to help members raise client’s awareness of the climate emergency.
    • Liaise with Zero Waste Scotland regarding a fringe event at the 26th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 26) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change from 9-19 November 2020, in Glasgow.

Policy Review Working Group
Convenor: Dr Richard Atkins FRIAS Last: Next:
See paper D.1.05
RIAS Quarterly Editorial Group
Convenor: Robin Webster OBE
PRIAS Last: 19th Nov 2019 Next: tbc
See Paper D.1.08

Strategy Working Group
Convenor: Karen Anderson FRIAS Last: 6th Nov 2019
(via conference call) Next: tbc
The Strategy Working Group have not met since the mast meeting but convened a discussion via conference call on the 6th November to discuss the Forward Action Plan and a proposed toolkit for the membership relating to the RIAS Strategy. The group agreed to progress the following:
• All standing committees and working groups will be briefed on the forward action plan and asked to set out their priorities for 2020 and 2020-24 with reference to the membership priorities
• Whether it would be possible to create a digital banner of the RIAS strategies key commitments in a form that could be shared with clients would be explored
• Proposals from the marketing consultants for a folding/ plan format ‘toolkit’ that would present ideas for the membership under each heading of the strategy on how they can engage clients and increase their profile etc would be developed and discussed across the chapters in early 2020
• A corporate 2020 campaign around the strategy would be developed

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