RGU Webinar – In Conversation with Prof. Gokay Deveci

RGU’s next webinar is In Conversation With… Professor Gokay Deveci, Professor in Architecture at the Scott Sutherland School It takes place on Thursday 25 April at 5pm (BST).

Professor Deveci is a chartered architect and holds a professional chair at the school. He has an international reputation for his expertise in affordable and sustainable low energy housing, and he runs ‘the next home’ studio unit for final year architecture students which focuses on researching ‘Resilient Cities and Towns’, including looking at 21st century housing typologies to help create places and communities for better living.  

In this webinar he will be exploring the impact low-energy housing has on our environment, the challenges that are met during the design process, and the struggles of placing these homes on the market. The webinar will explore the roles of surveyors, architects and builders, as well as other professionals in the industry.

 Please register here for the webinar

RGU advise that the browser of choice is Google Chrome. If you have problems logging or have any questions about the discussion please contact Heather Wardrope, Alumni Engagement Officer, [email protected]

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