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Do you want to help shape the next generation?

You will appreciate that the input of practitioners plays an essential role in the education of architects, and the School is keen to know who in our immediate practice community has an interest in helping us.

We are privileged to have a loyal group of practitioners work with us for many years, from different parts of Scotland, including distinguished individuals in Visiting Professor roles such as Neil Gillespie of Reaich & Hall Architects, Bill Black of Richard Murphy Architects, and Karen Anderson. But we are particularly interested in bolstering representation from our immediate Chapter, and hence invite expressions of interest from any of you who are interested in being involved or who would like to know more.

We are especially interested in anyone interested in contributing to the following areas on a part-time sessional basis:

Architectural design (studio)

Professional Practice

Construction and Building Technology

Should this be of interest to you, or should you wish to have a chat, please contact:

David McClean

Head of School

e: [email protected]

t:  01224 263540

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