Reallocating road space during COVID-19 | Improvement Service

Webinar – Thu 30th April – 4:00pm – 5:00pm

Book your place at the Improvement Service webinar via the link below.

The UK government has indicated social distancing is likely to continue to the end of the year. New Zealand, France and Germany are exemplifying implementation of temporary lanes to enable more secure cycling and walking. As Edinburgh and Glasgow are reported to be considering what actions they can take, we will consider how it assists Covid-19 safe distancing and what is needed to make it happen.

This online event is open to all those with an interest in facilitating active travel during the Covid-19 lockdown and in enabling safer conditions for walking and cycling.

Facilitated by Irene Beautyman, Place Lead at the Improvement Service and 2020 Convenor of RTPI Scotland. She will be joined by Daisy Nasarayan, Director of Urbanism, SUSTRANS. Further speakers to be confirmed.

The webinar will be of particular value to Council officers, elected members, community groups and all interested in pursuing the role of place as an enabler of healthier lives. Let’s rethink space.

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