Grants – Aberdeen City Heritage Trust

“Aberdeen City Heritage Trust can accept applications for grant for external repair work to buildings which fall into either the Bon Accord Crown Street Conservation Area or the Union Street Conservation Area, except the area in which the Union Street CARS operates. Union Street CARS is administered by Aberdeen City Council.

Linked is a leaflet incorporating a map which gives a guide to the area in which the Trust can now accept applications.

Successful applications could attract grants at the following rates:

1) Building Grant Repairs 50%, Shopfronts 75%

2) Building Grant Repairs 60%, Shopfronts 85% in the Trust Priority Areas outlined in red, that’s an increase of 10%.

It is appreciated that programming work is difficult at the moment, however if you, or your clients have property in eligible areas, perhaps a scheme could be developed and an application submitted with a view to work commencing on site by 31 March 2021.”

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