Creating a Resilient and Circular Construction Sector

Zero Waste Scotland – circular economy in construction
Aberdeenshire Council – the role circular economy plays in their procurement
Robertson Construction – circular economy and TECA
Balfour Beatty -a main contractor perspective
Resource Futures and Whole Earth Futures – the Circular North-east Accelerator Support Programme

“We all want a construction industry in Scotland that is fit for purpose and fit for the future. There are many challenges facing the industry now and more on the horizon, including a climate crisis and resource scarcity. The construction industry produces 40% of Scotland’s carbon emissions, contributes to 50% of the country’s waste and consumes 50% of resources.

These challenges can be met or prepared for, by managing resources more effectively and designing out waste thereby making businesses and their supply chains more resilient and future proof. Circular North-east is launching an initiative to support companies across the construction supply chain to accelerate learning and implement opportunities to support circular construction in the North-east.  

The event will bring together those procuring projects, lead contractors and the supply chain. We will be launching a unique free service, designed to support those interested in realising the opportunities associated with the circular economy in construction.”

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