‘Business as Possible’ – Build It 2020 – free construction webinar, 7th May

Mearns & Gill organise an annual conference for the construction and property sector in the North of Scotland called Build It. The ASA president, Richard Slater, is the chairperson of the organising committee. The conference and exhibition is entering into its third year (20th November 2020), and the main aim of the event is to bring professionals together to share ideas, case studies and best practice, for the benefit of the industry as a whole.

In April and May, they tend to launch the search for speakers for the conference, but the kick off for Build It 2020 is under very different circumstances than planned for. Rather than have a launch event where we’re told about the plans for the conference and exhibition, M&G thought it would be more helpful and appropriate to bring together professionals from across the construction industry to share their experiences of the past two months.

This free-to-attend webinar is taking place at 10-11am on Thursday 7th May, and the speakers are:

Jennifer Young, Ledingham Chalmers
Drew Mackie, Morrison Construction
Sam Patterson, Construction Scotland Innovation Centre
Kevin Burnett, Mott MacDonald
Terri Vogt, AGCC

Spaces are limited, and you can book yours today on this link. Register here.

The speakers will tell you about the effects that the current lockdown has had on their business, the concerns and the opportunities, and any plans they are making for the future, as well as answering your questions.

It is important that we face these current challenges together, and we hope this first webinar is an opportunity to do just that. If it highlights some possible opportunities for companies to work together, or starts some helpful conversations around challenging topics, even better.

It would be wonderful to get as many people as possibly together for this first event, and if it is well received, our plan is to keep them going throughout the lockdown and beyond, so your post-event feedback will be very important.

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