Build It Webinar

Whilst the main Build It – Aberdeen Construction Property Conference is taking place in November, a series of free webinars are running as part of the build up to the event.

We believe that it has never been more important to share knowledge, ideas and experiences, and whilst we cannot do that face to face for now, we can certainly do this online.

The next webinar is taking place on Wednesday 22nd July, 11am-12.30pm. A summary of the themes and our speakers are below:

“We will be looking at how home-working will affect the future use and design of office buildings and residential properties. We will also be taking into account the health and safety and environmental considerations. We will cover the importance of proptech, the need for flexible and resilient buildings, shifts in locational preferences, and how all of that will shape leasing and investor requirements going forward.”

Our speakers are:

Carol Nisbet, Partner, CMS

Sandy Manson, Chair and Head of Client Service, Johnston Carmichael

Derren McRae, Managing Director – Aberdeen, CBRE

Richard Slater, Architect, Michael Gilmour Associates
and Chair of Aberdeen Society of Architects

To register to attend this free event, simply click on the link below:

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