ASA Postcard of a Place 2018 – #ASAPOP18

Our exhibition held at Covell Matthews Architects, Albyn Terrace, was received well by all who attended and participated.  The turn out was better than expected for a dreich Friday night, with entrants represented from London to Banff.  The exhibition runs until early 2019 and entry is during office hours, by arrangement with Covell Matthews Architects (who use the gallery as a meeting room).

So, we’d like to extend a massive thank you, firstly to Covell Matthews Architects for hosting and helping organise the exhibition, Michael Gilmour Associates, who also helped organise the exhibition, and most of our thanks goes to all of those that took the time and effort to take part in the exhibition.  We hope that we can continue in 2019 as there seems to be an appetite for it, with some planning their postcards already!

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